Learn More About Magnesium Oil for Teeth

Magnesium oil is an ancient natural product made from magnesium chloride.

It is a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride in water only referred to as oil due to its oily feeling when applied on the skin.

Magnesium Oil
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Magnesium Oil

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It is derived from seawater and has very many crucial uses on the human body.

Looking at the various uses of magnesium oil, we cannot forget to look at magnesium oil for teeth.

Most of the magnesium in our body is stored in the bones and teeth and really may not have any effect in the teeth.

Moreover, magnesium is usually important in balancing of other minerals in the body which may affect the teeth such as calcium and phosphorus in our saliva and blood.

When there is deficiency of magnesium in the body, it tends to derived it from the bones and the teeth weaken them and even causing decay if any imbalance between phosphorus and calcium occurs.

Therefore, the question about magnesium oil for teeth arises only when there is a deficiency.

Hence, magnesium oil is good for teeth for various crucial reasons as discussed below; Prevents tooth decay

Deficiency of magnesium in body cells leads to unhealthy balance of calcium and phosphorous in the saliva, which ultimately leads to enamel decay, causing tooth damage.

This calls for more intake of magnesium oil orally, through injections or application on the skin to balance the calcium and phosphorous in our saliva to avoid tooth decay.

Regeneration of enamel on the teeth

Regularly brushing the teeth with magnesium oil shows quick regrowth of the enamel.

This is due to the fact that magnesium stimulates the body to produce more calcium which is a very crucial mineral in the growth of teeth.

The same teeth also become very hard remaining strong and cannot crack on encounter with a hard substance.

Prevention of bleeding and reddish gums

Magnesium oil which is magnesium chloride dissolved in water is very useful preventing gums from reddening and bleeding.

This a condition mostly caused by lack of magnesium in the blood, hence, brushing your teeth using magnesium oil or use of mouth wash with magnesium chloride can help reduce a high level of gum bleeding and reddening.

Hardening and strengthening the teeth

Magnesium oil for teeth hardens the teeth through its continuous application which stimulates the body to produce calcium and other teeth and bone building minerals.

Use of magnesium oil to brush your teeth makes them strong and cannot easily be erode.

Conclusively, magnesium and calcium in the must strike a balance to prevent health problems.

The question about magnesium oil for teeth comes alongside this balance.

High intake of calcium is said to prevent tooth decay and loss but on the other side, high intake of calcium may hinder intake of magnesium.

Hence, magnesium oil is very crucial product for dental health.

This ensures a balance is struck between the magnesium and calcium intake and calcium and phosphorus.

This will lead to dental health preventing tooth decay, loss, regeneration of enamel, prevention of bleeding gums and hard and strong teeth.

This clearly shows that magnesium oil is greatly needed for healthy teeth.

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